Our Products

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Our Recycling Process turns fabric waste into three bi-products:

bio-char, bio-oil, and syngas. 

Bio-char is our main focus in current processing and we are researching the best uses for our smaller amounts of bio-oil and syngas created when recycling. We have broken down each of the major bi-products to explain more about how each are utilized.

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Farmers use bio-char as fertilizers to stimulate agricultural growth where it's beneficial effects can last for many years. It is also used as charcoal for heating, stoves, and grilling barbecues. Lastly, it can be refined to create active carbon black; used worldwide for filtration. 

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This naturally refined oil can be used as a source of heat for cooking and small machines. Homes and buildings can be fitted to use bio-oil for heating and energy sources. 

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Syngas is an alternative to the hazardous mining of natural gas is syngas, or synthetic gas. It can be used in any circumstance where natural gas is used such as heating and electricity. Syngas produces the same effect as natural gas, and is much less harmful to the environment when produced and stored responsibly.